Carpets for Health & Aged Care Facilities

At Pro Tile, we’re proud to offer quality carpets for health & aged care facilities. Our luxury products can help you maximise the health and comfort of patients and residents. Whether you want to reduce the number of harmful particulates that spread through the air or you simply want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your facility, our carpet tiles are an excellent choice.

Custom Solutions Available

Our highly trained specialists can customise aged care carpet tiles to suit your specific needs. We work closely with our clients to accommodate their requirements, ensuring that they receive solutions that are suitable for their specific environment. By keeping clients informed and involved throughout the entire process, we eliminate unexpected problems and nasty surprises.

Our Point of Difference

There are numerous things that elevate Pro Tile above the competition when it comes to carpet tiles for your aged care facility, including:

  • We pride ourselves on our superior workmanship and attention to detail
  • Our products are of the highest standard and are guaranteed to lost a long time
  • We have years of experience, so you can trust in the quality of our products
  • Our goal is to ensure our clients feel 100% satisfied with the end result

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We provide carpet tiles that will suit any space. With our ability to make custom designs, we can ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your floor, leaving you with the perfect design that meets your needs.