A positive choice for Health and Environment

Carpet is an ideal flooring choice when considering health and environmental implications, both of which have gained increasing importance in business and construction over the last few decades.

There are a large number of asthma and allergy sufferers in the community. Unlike smooth floor surfaces that allow allergens to re-circulate, carpet actually improves indoor air quality by keeping dust and allergens out of the air. The carpet fibres effectively trap dust and other particles until they can be removed by proper vacuuming.

Carpet also has the lowest volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions of common flooring, making it a widespread choice for environmentally conscious new constructions and renovations. Importantly, the VOCs the new carpet emits are dispersed within a day or two, so do not have long-lasting consequences.

The traction that carpet provides makes it the ideal flooring choice for helping avoid slips and falls, while reducing the chance of injury in the event they do happen. It's an important consideration in these days of OH&S awareness and promotion, so carpet is commonly used for commercial buildings, retail areas, schools and hospitals.

Carpet is the most effective flooring for noise reduction, which is important for many settings including businesses and schools. A quieter environment with less noise and distraction means better concentration and productivity. And that cannot be undervalued in many highly competitive fields.

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