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Pro Tile carpet tile swatches are perfect for designers and contractors to have a reference of a full range, right at your fingertips. Feel the quality and texture, show to clients and see which design fits best with the commercial, retail or other space the carpet tiles are to be used in.

If carpet is for an established area, it makes all the difference to check the swatches in situ to make sure your choice goes with the colour and look of any existing furniture or other furnishings. It's also easier to visualise how the particular design will enhance or set the tone for the style of environment you want to create.

The lighting of your space, both natural and artificial, can also affect the depth of colour of the carpet, so it helps to see it in its intended space. Carpets tend to look up to 20% lighter when laid, so this is another element to consider when selecting a colour.

The swatches consist of carpet tiles at a quarter of their actual size for easy and convenient comparison and are available in two full ranges. So contact Pro Tile to arrange a swatch that represents quality fabrication, durability and beautiful design - the next generation of carpet tiles is here.

Business Class collection: our premium range of 14 varied designs
Economy collection: our popular economy range of 8 designs
Actual tile size: 50cm x 50cm
Carpet swatch size: 12.5cm x 12.5c

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We provide carpet tiles that will suit any space. With our ability to make custom designs, we can ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your floor, leaving you with the perfect design that meets your needs.